Holistic Health & Wellness for Women & Children

Specializing in women’s reproductive health and children’s natural healing

In my special area of practice working with women and children, I offer advice and guidance on diet, exercise, and integrated wellness modalities to enhance fertility, embrace a healthy pregnancy and beautiful, safe delivery. I also provide support after the birth of your baby, including wellness for mother, infant massage and other techniques to aid digestion and help your infant to sleep and make a wonderful adjustment to the world. I help you, as mother, manage your emotions and regain equilibrium following your baby’s birth.


Women’s Reproductive Health through the Lifespan

  •  Conception and fertility support
  •  Pregnancy and postpartum
  •  Menopause support and hormonal balancing


  •  Integrated care for infants
  •  Special needs children
  •  Kids diagnosed with the spectrum disorders of Autism, ADD, ADHD

Special Children

  • Nutritional support
  • Massage and accupressure
  • Yoga for the special child and movement therapies
  • Healing with music and vibration

For mothers and infants, working together we will:

  • Engage in a healthy lifestyle prior to conception
  • Approach fertility enhancement in a conscious and holistic way
  • Provide your baby with holistic care and nutrition
  • Learn healthy breastfeeding techniques and accept support for recovery

To schedule your 60-minute consultation and learn more about healing services, please call (847) 858-7576 or contact me online.



Artwork by Sandra Mae Weir