Energy Medicine

healing handsHealing touch brings balance and clarity to body, mind, and spirit

Healing Touch (HT) is an energetic medicine technique that promotes health total body, mind, and spirit wellness. It is performed utilizing light touch over the body with the intention to increase or balance the flow of energy within the human energy system to promote healing. This imbalance can be of a physical nature in the form of a disease state, or can be of an emotional or spiritual nature. The goal is to bring relaxation and clarity to assist your body in healing.

Everyone can benefit from healing touch. I specialize in healing touch support for improved fertility, cancer wellness, pain reduction, depression, and to reduce the effects of trauma.  Healing touch also is of great benefit for care takers,  all of those in the healing arts and professions and people facing  anxiety from life changes and transitions.

In sessions, I perform HT in combination with aromatherapy, vibration, and music for a total experience of healing and peace.

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