Holistic Healing for Women

Ann Brown McCullough, R.N. and Healing Arts Practitioner, has been in the health, medical, and wellness field for over 20 years. She comes with a wide range of specialty practice areas, including working with new mothers, women and fertility, and helping women achieve balance and health amidst the demands of life. Wise, personable, and gentle, Ann brings a healing touch and positive energy that is unparalleled.  Having spent years in the clinical world as a Registered Nurse, Ann combines a western approach to health and wellness with the wisdom found in eastern medicine. This combination supports her clients to access an intuitive and spiritual path to health.

portraitHolistic Health & Wellness for Women & Children
I offer guidance on diet, exercise, and integrated wellness modalities such as acupressure and reflexology to enhance fertility, embrace a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. I offer holistic care for infants and children with special needs.      Learn more »



healing handsEnergy Medicine & Healing Touch (HT)
Utilizing light touch over the body with the intention to increase the flow of energy or removal energy that is contributing to an imbalance within the body, I provide energy healing through touch to bring pure, uninhibited relaxation and clarity to assist your body in healing.     Learn more »



heartSpiritual Counseling
Through oracle card readings and communication with angels and your spirit guides, I can help you receive and understand messages from the world of spirit. As a medical intuitive, I guide you to understand the spiritual connections to your emotional and physical being.   Learn more »



Private sessions, group sessions, workshops, retreats offered. To schedule your initial, 60-minute consultation, please call 847.858.7576 or Contact Me Online. Consultations are conducted in-person, by phone, or via Skype.